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The Hatchery Friends offers programs for novice and more experienced archers. The focus of our programs is on our youth: children able to hold and draw a standard Genesis bow (minimum draw weight 10 pounds) to teenagers. Archery has an excellent safety record due, in large measure, to the safety guidelines established by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). Our programs are designed around their guidelines, especially including their safety guidelines. We train all of our instructors & work in teams. This ensures our students receive careful instruction & coaching in a safe environment.


We have worked with a variety of youth, family and school-oriented organizations. For most of our programs, we have provided the necessary equipment.. Our MINIMUM training session is 45 minutes long, but we have provisions for longer sessions as well. We hold sessions with no more than twelve students to ensure close supervision and plenty of opportunity to shoot arrows. 

For larger groups, we offer programs with additional activities, including interpretive hikes, fish production and pollinator garden tours, birding, fishing instruction and catch and release fishing.

We are continuing to develop a 3D archery course in a wooded area of the Hatchery. This course is intended for more experienced archers and students advancing from our basic training course. Participants may use our equipment or bring their own, as long as their bow draw weight is less than 40 lbs. With our equipment, we are limited to 12 archers per session, which last at least one hour, usually longer.

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