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Group Tours

Our tours can accommodate small groups such as family groups, public & private school groups, scout groups, child care facilities, and home school groups. Below are some of the activities we typically offer, but we try to tailor the tour to what your group is interested in. All of our activities are FREE. The average time for each activity is 30 - 45 minutes.

If you are interested in a tour, please go to the Request Form, and fill out the form. Our group tour coordinator will contact you to set up the tour.


Chilren at Master Casting Station 04262019.jpg

We offer Backyard Bass to our younger attendees. They learn to cast a line with a magnet attached to catch colored fish laying on the ground.

Master casting is where participants are taught how to cast a line with a plastic fish into a target, set at different distances.



Our archery mini class helps to understand the equipment and its use when learning to shoot a bow and arrow. Each student will be shown how to properly hold the bow and place the arrow for shooting. Proper stance is taught along with hitting a bull's eye.

Pollinator Garden Tour

Pollinator Garden sign.jpg

This tour allows participants to learn about native plants to Texas and their needs for growing. You will also learn pairing of plants and identification of the various pollinators (bees & butterflies) that each plant attracts.

Bird Blind

bird blind binoculars.jpeg

The bird blind offers the opportunity for your group to learn how to use a pair of binoculars and sit at the bird blind identifying the various birds that come to visit the feeders.

Hiking The Overlook Trail

Overlook Trail 1.jpeg

This hike is a must! It is walking up the rock trail directly behind the educational building to get an amazing view of the fish hatchery pools where all the catfish live and breed.

Fish Production

Catfish Fry.jpg

The hatchery holding house is available during certain times of the year when our breeding program is taking place. Your group will learn how we get catfish to lay their eggs in our designed fish homes and how they come to the holding house to grow and become big fish.

Power Point Presentations

Computer Class

We can do a power point presentation on a number of subjects for your group. For example, camouflage.

Live Fishing

Free Fishing 3.jpeg

Fishing from the hatchery ponds may be offered if the group requests, and the time is right for fishing. This is governed by the hatchery staff.

Self Guided Tours


At the visitor center you will find a large map of the fish hatchery with THINGS TO DO. Location of activities are highlighted on the map and easy to follow. There are also trail maps available at the beginning of our 6 trails.

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