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Entrance to the Hatchery and all the available activities and programs are FREE of charge. If you wish to make a donation, there are donation boxes at the Visitor's Center and the Bird Blind. You may also make a donation by clicking the Donation Icon on this website.

Hike the Trails

With 6 different trails covering miles of varying scenery, there is a hike for everyone here! Take a moderately challenging path up to the overlook to get a view of 3 different Highland Lakes, or take a meandering stroll along an easy footpath lined with flowers. Or both!

Visit the Garden

There are multiple sections of the pollinator garden designed, planted, and maintained by the Friends group. Here you can see blooms 3 out of 4 seasons, all planted with native plants of Texas and keeping our pollinators in mind.

Kayak/Fish the River

The newly built boat ramp is free for the public to launch their own kayak or cast a line with a pole to catch some fish! There is NO boat access so be sure to bring a kayak.

Go Birding!

Along with the more typical native birds like Northern Mockingbirds, Northern Cardinals, and several finch's and sparrow species, we also have visitors like the beautiful Painted Bunting in the Summer and Black-Capped Vireos in the Spring!


We have several areas where you can bring a picnic and enjoy the surrounding areas of the fish  hatchery. 

Feed the Fish

Located at the pond next to the visitor center is a dispenser for you to purchase a handful of food to feed the fish. Each handful cost 25¢ 

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